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To be more specific, I'm interested to know more about accessing a different consciousness or reality.
What evidence makes you think there is a *different* consciousness? All your consciousness is in and emerges from your brain. If you think there is some separately existing consciousness floating about in space, then what evidence - not just subjective imaginings - shows you that? It is an illusion if you believe this to be true. There will be quite a few here who will say I don't know what I am talking about but don't take my word for it, look up real, objective, medical and scientific research.
For the reality part of your point, try reading books by Prof Brian Cox about the Solar System and the Universe, and a book called 'Living with the stars' by Karel and Iris Schrijver.
It is, in the end, far, far more excitring and interesting to see more clearly the difference between fact and fiction and to understand where the only partly known are, and thus being able to relish and enjoy far far more the fiction.

So, I got to thinking. There's an experiment that, I think, can be done that would prove or disprove to the entire world that alternate realities do or do not exist.
Surely you do not believe that if such an experiment were availabhle it swould not already have been done and its presenter going for a top science prize somewhere?

Here's my theory; a person who is blind from birth has no concept of shape, matter, colour, perspective or anything. They report not even knowing 'black', just an abyss. So, my thinking is this. If a person who has been blind from birth took DMT and were able to access the same alternate reality or consciousness as those that are sighted and they reported seeing the same kind of things then, this would prove that, that alternate place actually exists.
Oh dear, oh dear. Of course it would not prove any such thing. It would simply show that all human brains are similar even though some may have one or more of the senses not working. To think that totally blind people have no concept of shape is not correct. Read Peter White's autobiography - he is a well-known regular presenter on BBC Radio 4's programmes.

I am registered blind myself and, yes, I still have some peripheral vision but I have learnt a lot about blindness during my life.


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