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You don't understand the question. If I blind from birth person could see images and the like through their brain I wouldn't be asking the question I'm asking as I'd already have the answer.

Take your time, read it properly.

A blind from birth person cannot see at all. Has never seen and cannot imagine all the things a sighted person can.

A blind from birth person will not know the concept of black as we might imagine it to be with closed eyes.

This is an extract from a recent website discussing the topic.

"Blind From Birth: A person who has never had sight doesn't see. Samuel, who was born blind, says that saying that a blind person sees black is incorrect because that person often has no other sensation of sight to compare against. "It's just nothingness," he says. For a sighted person, it can be helpful to think of it like this: Close one eye and use the open eye to focus on something. What does the closed eye see? Nothing. Another analogy is to compare a blind person's sight to what you see with your elbow."

My question is there but I'll repeat it.

Let's work on the assumption that the above is true (which it is).

If a blind from birth person who has never seen and cannot imagine anything takes DMT and accesses the same 'trip' as a sighted person (because all those people who have used DMT say they experience the same things) then, that would indicate that the dimension they have accessed is real and comes to those under the influence of DMT in a different form of consciousness... i.e. not through eye sight.

Conversely, if a blind from birth person was unable to experience the same 'trip' then the experience would therefore be based on things previously seen through eye sight.

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