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Hi Everyone,

****I will caveat this post with stating that I am not a scientist or and expert in this field, I'm someone who is very curious about everything****

I'm new to this forum but, I have been following Graham's work for some time. I'm fascinated by all the possibilities new studies and advances in technology are allowing us to explore. One thing that particularly peaks my interest is DMT. To be more specific, I'm interested to know more about accessing a different consciousness or reality.

So, I got to thinking. There's an experiment that, I think, can be done that would prove or disprove to the entire world that alternate realities do or do not exist.

Here's my theory; a person who is blind from birth has no concept of shape, matter, colour, perspective or anything. They report not even knowing 'black', just an abyss. So, my thinking is this. If a person who has been blind from birth took DMT and were able to access the same alternate reality or consciousness as those that are sighted and they reported seeing the same kind of things then, this would prove that, that alternate place actually exists.

If they couldn't access anything on DMT it would mean that what a sighted person see's on their trip is based on things they'd previously seen in normal consciousness.

My question is: has anyone done such a test to see what the outcome was does anyone else and or @Graham Hancock have any evidence around this line of study.

Thanks in advance.

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