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Before I start, here is a song whose lyrics we must consider, due to its implications of THOUGHT:


Ron, Enigcom, we all are about our own, and each other's, education.

The book, Return to the Sacred, lists 12 paths to the Sacred. Chapter 9, Sacred Study, where, one example of learning Hebrew, a Rabbi said to his pupil, "this isn't just trying to learn another language. You are learning how to read the most sacred teachings that we've been given as a people. This is Sacred Study--not homework. The teachings are a blessing, and the ability to learn and study them, to even have the OPPORTUNITY to do so, is also a blessing". Later, he says, "there is a LIVING power".

In Consciousness and it's Implications, states: "The actual reference of our phenomenological expressions just constitute states of the brain".

"States" of the brain, the composition of thoughts, ideas and mental impulses, can, and do affect our every actions.

"Our actions quite faithfully follow our decisions and our decisions are quite clearly not material objects".

In fact, "decisions, judgements, plans and purposes are simply code words; for physical events in the brain"(neuronal activities).

Likewise, The "intentional object" that moves the mind is the coercion of mental actions in the vehicle of the physical body. "It is not the specific intention to do something, but the tendency of all mental acts toward an object".

The Latin word, "intensio" "refers to someone's conception of something, which may, or may not, match up with reality". The barter between thought and action is "REASON, which is some end or goal in mind". To say the end is known in the beginning, is to imply Reason as the catalyst for action, based in mental characteristics; thus, "Mental Phenomena...(those) which contain an object intentionally within themselves".

With all of this teaching is the supposed implication that any thought can not be substantial reality. In this, the suppositions is errant to distance mind from the body. The brain and the sensory system combine to introduce "mental objects" that coerce the sensory system to motivate bodily actions for the desired "intentional object" of any conception that alludes to an action in the body.

Finally, "consciousness is just that immovable substance within the framework, of which, all change, all sensibles, all spacio-temporal affairs unfold and gain their real existence".

The space between Reason and the intentional object is the "mentalist" brain, the "reader" of thoughts, ideas, images, sensations, expressions and movements of "thinking" and "doing".

PS. "Mentalism"--in philosophical terms: The theory that physical and psychological phenomena are ultimately only explicable in terms of a creative and interpretative mind.

Here are the lyrics to the above, compelling song, "We all Float":


Simply, we strive in our physical terms to express our mental terms.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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