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again more questions, you humans say we have existed for eternity. Ok so why have we not already learn our lesson already if we have existed for eternity already. spirit consciousness must be one real slow dumb learner, because we have been around for ever and still not learned our lessons, seems like computers are far better at learning they take split second to learn and yet it takes us spirit consciousness eternity lol we are slow.

many people say its not about learning, its just about being, because really the soul spirit should know everything there is to know already. God spirit consciousness like you humans have said is Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.

so how can there be room to learn. when most learning knowledge in this world is just a conditioning. just being. accumulating layers is not who we are, we are not the past or future cause they do not exist, they were different realitys, more questions.

again what if these past life memory's are from our ancestors lifes , and that information is stored in genes for adaptation. thus future genetic generations have replays, like replaying a tape,cd etc the matrix stores imprints past in its fabric of time and space, each life is a new life. its only some buddhists and hindhus, crazy hare krsnas that take karma and reincarnation to the extreme. all for control really.

like one story in thailand. A women complained to monk that her husband always drunk and violent and treats her wrong, buddhist monk replys must take it on the chin and accept his behavior, because this is your karma for treating him bad in your last life. now you can see the control and manipulation they use with this karma bullshit. just accept your place in the dumbs cause it your karma from past life. what a joke talk about un-empowering ya self. they un-empower you, so the elites and priests get all the rewards tributes they want lol this world is one big stupid joke, or one big blackhole arsehole lol where everything is consumed and shitted back out lol what a messed up world seeming we have to excrete out of anus and genital holes pretty grotesque to me. just one big black hole arsehole lol

and if there is a god source consciousness then really its the biggest arsehole of us all lol, seeming everything came from source. no wonder there so many arseholes in the world, because all COME from the biggest arsehole of all...THE COSMIC SOURCE GOD OR WHAT EVER YA WANT TO CALL IT IS THE BIGGEST OR SMALLEST ARSEHOLE OF US ALL.

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