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Hi Everyone!

The wide & narrow path explained with a roller coaster world? Yeshua/Jesus said that few find the narrow path, why is that?

Imagine we are ball shaped and every where we go we roll there, and the world we live in is a dangerous place, so we have a roller coaster travel system to get around.

Teach your children in the path they should go and when they get older they will follow it. So we ball parents need to teach our children how to stay on the path of right living in a roller coaster world without guard rails.

He who spares the rod of correction spoils the child, which is why so many people take the wide path to Destruction. Like ball people in a roller coaster world with no guard rails you have to teach your children the path to take, that's the narrow path, the staying on the rails so to speak.

If we go off the rails we are in dangerous territory, so if you love your balling child, and want them to not go off the rails so to speak, then you do not spare firstly guidance & correction so they do not take the wide path to their destruction. Would your kids follow a straight path and stay on the rails or will they roll off the rails to their Destruction?

So the answer to the Question, Why do so many take the wide path to Destruction? To me Righteous Person Lives as his Designer YHWH Designed him, YHWH the Great Architect, Built by his Beloved Son Yeshua/Jesus, just as the Operators of a long space journey that takes hundreds or even thousands of years, to be successful the operators would have to be trained in the right way or Righteous Way of operating all the critical systems to stay on the narrow path and not anarchy where there is no truth, if it feels good do it, and there are no laws of physic's this group of space travelers children would lead them to destruction as sure as in this life those on the narrow right way of living as designed by their Creator will have Everlasting Life.

Those who's parents did not invest time into their own education on righteous living and in turn their kids and not let TV, Radio, American Idols or any Idol's, Government run schools & collages, friends or what ever guide them then they most likely on the wide path to their destruction.

Were not perfected yet but should always be striving to be. We can however Be Perfect as our Heavenly Father is Perfect, and that is to Love God with all our hearts & all our minds, and all our Souls, through his Beloved Son Yeshua/Jesus the Door, Savior, Good Sheppard, Great Intercessor, The way, the Truth & the living Bread of Life And also Love your Neighbor as yourself.

Who do you love Most? If it's God then you will be concerned about His Priorities, which are Right Living through a relationship with him & his Beloved Son. So God First then your wife/Helper and Remember the Holy Spirit, is another Helper Sent. How do you treat the Spirit Helper sent? How do you treat the Human Female helpers in the World starting with your Wife that God has Provided Men?

If you love yourself then all other relationships are second and you are on a path of destruction. We may not be on a space ship or are we? May not be a ship but we are in space on a journey and this is the only planet we now have to sustain us all.

How can you repair and maintain the world you, your family and all us depend on when you are the center of your world? To may captains on a ship or no captains is chaos & most likely leads to destruction.

I could see the children of a long space journey, not wanting to do their jobs or educate because they loved their kids so much they worked so hard everything was perfectly running, and the kids got spoiled.

When it came time to work the kids rebelled and create a separate faction or factions/clicks. These factions ignorant fantasize and postulate what the so called universe/ship they live in is,and make up fairy tales to gain and support their will and beliefs, maybe also believing things have worked for all these years and they did nothing to help or keep it working, living only for momentary pleasure, like their Parents had made them accustom.

This is the world we live in?

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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