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The wisdom of Chuck Lorre: Vanity Card #506

Sometimes I have conversations with people who are not there. Not out loud conversations. No Thorazine yet, thank you very much. But I definitely catch myself having spirited debates and heated arguments with folks who exist only in my head. Which doesn’t stop them from speaking forcefully, and, at times, eloquently on their own behalf. On occasion they are people I know. Other times they are purely fictional creations, brought into existence to question my thinking, my actions, or just piss me off. (Because there’s not enough real people pissing me off, I’ve gotta make some up.) Anyway, the reason I thought this was worth discussing is that I’m fascinated by what I like to call ‘the bifurcated self’. Consciousness that has split itself in two in order to create its own suffering. (Because there’s not enough real suffering going on, we need to make more.) But I’ve recently become more fascinated by the idea that there is no self at all. That the solution to bifurcation is not reuniting warring selves, it’s dropping the entire concept of self. The memories, emotions, thoughts and attitudes that combine to create the self are finally recognised as nothing more than ripples on the surface of a pond. And the truth of what we are, collectively and individually, is the pond itself. That which silently embraces the endless dance of form. Deep. Clear. Still. Reflecting the infinite and eternal, while receiving with equanimity both the beauty and the ugliness that falls into it – even the critical inner voice which is talking to me right now. Excuse me while I respond.

“Shut up, I am too a pond!”

The wisdom of Chuck Lorre: Vanity Card #507

I grew up devouring science fiction books. I was a little Pac-Man, gobbling up everything I could get my hands on: short stories, novels, and, of course, comic books. Looking back, I realise that sci-fi and, to some degree, fantasy novels, were my first attempt at escaping reality (later attempts would prove to be a bit more problematic). Regardless, I now see that immersing myself in this kind of literature informs my current view of the world. The path of history is, for me, forever seen through the eyes and imagination of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Roger Zelazny, Frank Herbert, Larry Niven, Philip K. Dick, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, and many, many more. Which is why I consider all efforts to control human behaviour through force as ultimately doomed to fail. Sure, they might for a while. That’s where the cool story is – the resistance and overcoming of authoritarian rule. But at the end of the day, the macro, sci-fi view is always toward greater freedom, regardless of what form it takes. The real evil, the much more insidious method of control, is actually what we do to ourselves. The abuse of drugs and alcohol, plus relentless consumerism and over-exposure to mind-numbing entertainment, are the real chains on the human spirit. Of course this means that I, having produced close to a thousand half-hours of television, am part of the problem. Sorry, I never meant to be a Minor Overlord for the Terrestrial Shadow Masters.

Hmm...well...I have been watching The Big Bang Theory for several years now and always do something during the ad-break, so haven’t bothered catching the end credits and Chuck’s ‘vanity card’. I caught two episodes tonight and paused the TV at the end and read them...and had to write them out. The first was quite appropriate as an expression of where things are in here at the moment...come on in, the water’s fine, as long as you act like an ugly duck in your own pond ;)...the second is also appropriate as expressing what we feed off to nourish us, and what is a bunch of advertising the world offers that we should spend something of ourselves on which we won’t pay for then and there but we will later on.

I should have read all the ‘vanity cards’ all through watching the show...I wonder where my head might be at? Would I have written and behaved the way I have during these past few months? Oh, most certainly I would have...but I would have had something to fall back on to explain me and you: someone else has most definitely written our script ;)

A cloud makes a nice hat

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