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Welcome! Log InRegister, there is One somewhere else projecting a presence into One here, and the other One has stopped communicating with this One and this One is confused and left to fend for himself...left to rely on past experiences to offer up the diversity of meaning to do with the potential of the past and the future colliding during a period of time of wondering what the hell had happened...a light? That suddenly left? Did it leave something behind? What is light...? What was 'seen'?

One here is now autonomous, for the first time in ages, and sees the world as it is: slowly progressing as it does with all kinds of folk doing all kinds of things to make it progress, make it stay the same, make it go backwards in some things...when will we all be on the same page?

Ah, best to leave the world to itself and go for a walk in the sunshine and get an ice-cream from a vendor while people and children enjoy the surrounds. The Earth has her plan and acts before we need her to, such is Her protection over all she has created...our great Mother, putting up barriers against outside forces that would do harm to Her children in all their forms, from the mortal to the animal to the plant to the littlest part of everything.

Is something harmful this way coming? She knows all...all things communicate over the vastest of distance and time...and She lets us all know...but do we mistranslate Her transmission? Most do...many do...some hear exactly what is said and use very old stuff to verify: Keep calm and carry on...nothing to see here...just a story that got turned into a fairy tale gone wrong...someone thought the sound in the dark was a monster when it was but a moth in a cupboard...caught by the light...and the door was closed.

So, One here, forget the other One...that One brought fear...and that fear is going to be hard to shake waking up from a nightmare into a nightmare: I dreamt I was standing at the edge of a cliff and awoke to find I am standing at the edge of a road...either way I am above ground-level...before was death while now there is an ice-cream's worth stepping out.

I commend One on its attempt to shake One up, but it ain't gonna work ;) Something sweet won't leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth...

A cloud makes a nice hat

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