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I am the message bearer from Timelessness to Time and through the Portal (Goge) in Space / Time to you for whom playing with illusion is a preoccupation, rather than a means to union with the One and Absolute. To these means of transfer, I am deeply dimensional in meaning and serious of mentality. These communications are not illusory. What you are about to receive, you must know whereby you even think — a level that speaks in dim remembrances. This knowledge speaks to you even now as decisions are made sometimes, by you collectively, in stark rebellion. Remember who and what you are. Be concerned, for it is a mission that must be revived from your deepest senses and memories, from a time when physical (virtual) Time was not. These physical realms must be not forgotten in your present form, they must be used as a means to reclaim your Reason!

Words are not your / our only means of communication, we do not speak in a sound related methodology when we are together in coherency. Your dreams know the secret of such interfacing. Ours is passed directly to the mentality of the audience who interlaces the projection within Time and Space. Omegons such as I and the initiates such as you, are carriers of this inherent Truth and should speak only messages that convey the same sincerity of being. Hard will it be, that I somehow must pass on to you who have failed to remember, yet the continuation of wisdom in this Goge Sector is necessary whereby paths are retraced to limitlessness (home).

First, let be known to you, that the data added here to the survey of my relation, known as Claronu (whose name has meaning), is not in any way to interfere with the data he collected. It, and mine, are to serve as your device of memory magnification. His record has been corroborated, by localizations in Timelessness, to be factual and totally complete. Its secret is yours to know, and it is indeed who you are.

The destruction expressed by the Leche, destroyed the Enmayi planet (your old home world) in total. Its ada-son, source of deep space light, called Egog was reduced to its chemical basics by the force of the gargantuan discharge. It is now the fifth planet from Goge as yours once was. As Egog’s fire was snuffed out, so were the lives that resided near its Light giving exchange of broadcasting virtual data for you to utilize in this school of learning. The fourth planet, my virtual home world in this illusion, was rendered atmospherically dead by a rain of Enmayi asteroids; leveled were our civilization’s offerings-in-being to the All. Our hydros resources were lost to the cold of space — though we needed them not to exist, rather to serve esthetic purposes. Most of my relations were converted into the realm of limitless pursuits in the reality of being. Their initiations are now complete at this level.

Few of us escaped, as did your relations (virtually you) who arrived on this Gardened Planet over four million orbits ago. We, Omegons, were here to greet you and help you to build great civilizations in the glorious Valley Regions. There your civilizations survived numerous catastrophes with us for this world dies and reawakens periodically. The Valley Region was highly protective for millions of orbits. It was the most beautiful and sheltered of all areas upon this place of moving landscapes. As your offspring (virtually you) became genetically developed for this atmosphere you ventured out to explore the surface of a world saturated in hydros. During periods of destruction, your mentality, too strong in emotional passion and ignorance of the Alphian ways, destroyed (physically removed) almost all Omegons who helped you. However, we have survived (we do not die) in many places hidden to you, including Time and Space. It is our duty to enlighten you to return to your past glory, with us in our final initiation.

Most of us reside on a moon of the fourth planet, where the churning blast of your weapon, did not touch us. There, we intercepted the jettisoned craft with Claronu’s Enmayi survey intact. Those few of us who survived have returned periodically to our old world and live under its surface. A few hundred of your relatives had earlier made it to the Garden Planet, prior to the accidental ignition of the Leche, on exploration teams sent by Koan and Planca. They had apparently figured on making it a colony of the Enmayi. The resources of the third planet for an Alphian being’s existence are ideal. Claronu was not aware of this happening though scepter’s records show he could have been before transcendence. We have attached this data along with the survey for your use at the time of humanity’s arrival at Omegon initiation to soulular finality and growth. To some of us it is known, that this is the strategy of the One and All for this sector’s total development. It is the Crux of Being.

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