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Is this really true? I must read it NOW!

Sounds to me like the home office is "carefully considering it" and the boy has to stay in hospital, instead of his mother, who knows best, can treat him.

Did I get it wrong?


jazzmumbles Wrote:
> Hey folks, good news
> the kid got his stuff back!
> I thought we were doomed, but,
> this is a little glimmer of hope for humanity!
> Apparently some other politician "invoked special
> powers"!!
> which makes him sound like some kind of superhero,
> but basically means he gave the stuff back,
> (the story is on the news desk)
> but hey, good news, common sense won the day,
> gives hope,
> because this story was more than a drug issue,
> its about what's right and what makes sense,
> anyway,
> and another thing.....

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