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When I used the word "design" it was in the usage of Nature's cornucopia of medicinal plants and that the WHOLE RANGE OF UNDISCOVERED plants that exist in the plethora of their beneficial attributes for human usage are evident, consequently.

Those uncivilized tribes know more of medicinal plants than any college-taught doctor, since, obviously THE DOCTORS NEVER HEARD OF THOSE PLANTS THAT THE ABORIGINAL PEOPLES USE EVERYDAY. The aboriginal folks have coexisted with Nature for thousands of years, so their ancestors taught them TO KNOW THE PLANTS THAT HEAL the body.

It may take decades to gather and categorize all that is known in the rainforests and jungles where aboriginals live and thrive. Then, of coarse, the job of qualifying all of those plants is required to finally release the findings into the general public.

The "design" of Nature is of a COOPERATIVE for investigation into it's benefits as THE SOURCE OF HEALING qualities.

Simply that!!

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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