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Jazz, I too am shocked that a proven "medicine" is wrathfully denied to people who could live better. I have heard that Cannabis Oil is a cure for cancer. My sister died of cancer, having been through the gamut of "accepted" medical protocols. Such deliriously proposed "medicine" is AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VERY PATIENTS WHO DEPEND UPON REAL MEDICINE THAT NEVER GETS USED FOR THE VERY AILMENTS THAT THEY, BY NATURE, ARE DESIGNED FOR FROM THE PLANT, MINERAL, GAS AND LIQUID EARTHLY SUPPLY FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF EVOLUTION ON THIS EARTH. Nature is designed to enhance and embrace the population of humans and animals. I am certain that a cure for these deadly viruses is somewhere viable and awaiting discovery.

But, NO, not the medical establishment. They want to "create" laboratory medicines that CAN NEVER EQUATE TO NATURE'S REMEDIES, RIGHT FROM THE GROUND.

My sister died when she was 62, and from a source of disharmony within the cockpit of every airline where electromagnetic disarray bombarded her brain until a cancer appeared. The Airlines don't consider or inform their pilots of the risks of being a pilot. I am now 63, and it is too young to die, IMHO.

That's all that I have.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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