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I am furious at the idiots who make a boy suffer and his poor mum. How do we get rid of idiot politicians? We can't shoot them, unless it is in America, and it is mostly school kids who get shot.

Wait for elections, while the boy has fits?

There are so many other things politicians do, which is sheer evil. When will it all end?


Jazzmumbles Wrote:
> Yes Eddie, people are always hurting people,
> sober, drunk or high, with or with out weapons, in
> all sorts of ways,
> its why I quoted hicks with the golden line,
> "as long as I don't harm another human being"
> as I said to tom above, this has a lot to do with
> personal freedoms and personal responsibility,
> all well being for medical marijuana,
> but I presented a specific situation, that I
> thought, would have people outraged,
> because its so ridiculous,...

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