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Hi tom

I like booze too, and having no justifiable opinion on recreational substance use is fine as well,
but do you have an opinion on the particular situation I presented?
does anyone?,

as you say, we all just want to live as happy as we can be,

a person is being denied a treatment, available in other countries,
that improves their quality of life,
because of laws that have only been around for roughly a hundred years,
and make no mistake, these laws were not driven by public health issues,
they were driven by the strategic/economic reasons,

drug laws make no difference on a recreational users ability to obtain drugs,
but they do make a difference to medical treatments,
and scientific endeavors like the study of the mind,
(see rick strausmans DMT book for that run around)

anyway, my post was more of a general spew in the direction of anyone who wants to jump in with an opinion,
as there have been some (pointless) harumphs lately about the contents of inner space,
I thought this was a good, wide ranging gateway topic,
with plenty of potential for discussion involving personal freedom and responsibility...

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