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Drug (f)laws

Inebriation and medication is a big market, so obviously there are some who want to control it
(always comes back to the bottom line),

There's a local news story right now that exposes the absolute ludicrous nature and s**t for brains attitude of people and their laws,

nineteen months ago, 12 year old boy, suffering from bad epilepsy, was, as a last resort, prescribed medicinal cannabis oil,
as legal pharmaceuticals had not worked (plenty of horrible side effects tho),
and the boys fits were only getting worse, the Dr prescribed CBD oil as an anti epileptic,
which turned out to be, what the mother described as a miricle cure!,
the seizures stopped and there were no side effects! hooray for plants and happy endings eh?,

now let's mix human idiocy into this story,

as the oil is illegal in the UK, the mother had to travel to Canada every six months or so, to stock up on supplies,
(that's expensive treatment!, but also, god bless them canucks, theyve done trails and gave it the thumbs up,
but UK "experts" wont listen!)

on her last return (couple of weeks ago) she was stopped at Heathrow and all the oil was seized!!!,
well, some ******* politician got wind of this, realised the oil was illegal, and decided now would be a good time to be a jobs worth,

so now, having no access to the oil, the boys seizures have come back with a vengeance,
(doctors have said every fit is further brain damage, and will only continue)
the boys mother, distraught and in tears on local radio, pleads for common sense from the politician responsible for her boys medication being seized (nick turd or somthin), who says, incredibly
"no sorry my hands are tied, you can't have this oil, its illegal, its the law!!,

Lord lift me!

it get gets worse,

Its illegal in the uk to obtain because no trails have been done on its safeness,
no trails will be done because its illegal, (hahahahawhawhaawww, catch22 made flesh) ,
But, if you want to do trails, you can apply for a licence which only costs twenty grand!!,

see?, always, always about the money!,

One ingredient from one plant that you could grow yourself,
verses a patented cocktail of s**t,

its a madness,
its madness that its illegal to grow a plant,
its madness that its illegal to go into the fields around my house and pick mushrooms,

god and nature clearly made a mistake, but we can fix it!

lord in hell!, the arrogance!

Despite your views on recreational drug use, you'd think no one could possibly agree with this beauracratic lunacy,
but someone has,
because, in answer to why people need to stick their noses into someone else's stuff?,
its because sometimes people are just a-holes,

Graham said we should have sovereignty over our own bodies,
cheer cheer,

Bill Hicks said what business is it of yours what I do with my own body,
as long as I don't harm another human being?, answer?,
NONE of your f***ing business!



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