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Hello itatw

I have to agree with the three basics you list,
yes, every social issue is political,
and yes, most solutions are driven by the religious, or personal moral code,
which then affects the political scene,

we can be religious about any belief, or lack of belief, if you prefer,

what I would add is that the strategic drives and shapes the religious, which drives and shapes the political,

the masks of bad politics and bad beliefs(or lack of)
both fueled and driven by what it really all comes down to,
survival of the richest

you ask for proposals to change the world?,
you may have just started a serious rantathon,

how about abolishing mandatory car insurance? the f***ing useless robbers,
In the future we'll probably need insurance just to take a crap,

there is a scene in the movie "spaceballs", president Screwb opens a can of perri-air to get a breath of fresh air,
we are heading that way,

the money/economy system we live by is absolute ballix,
we live in austerity because we are in debt,
to who?, ourselves?,
its madness,
some people live in misery so that some people can sit on a big pile of metal and paper, or look at big numbers on a screen,
the real strategic driver of the religious/political, and a truly terrifying madness,

sometimes you just pray for a big fireworks display (directed of course)

good topic for this wide umbrella of inner space,
I'll bring up drug laws in the next rant titled,
And another thing...

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