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This is an interesting subject. In am familiar with the myth theory, the dying God premise from pre-Christian times in the ancient empires that followed the Sumerian civilization.

It is quite the premise that Jesus appeared late in the dying God mythos, at least that is what is called the valid scenario of the scriptural basis of that peculiar entry into the records of the presented Gospels.

I, currently do not know enough to make a statement about any validity about the historical aspects of the story, or the facts of the Gospel theme. I really don't have anything other than the suggestion that the agricultural mythos appeared before the Christ manifesto, and much of the generalised information is identical to the Assyrian and Persian and Babylonian ideologies of the yearly cycles of death and rebirth as an Ancient model of resolution for the continuation of the human population year after year.

The Piscean age required a continuation of terms and made it paramount that the story NOT CHANGE whatsoever.

This of course puts pressure upon a person to calculate the impressions of "faith" into a category of continuity of very ancient Pagan rites, before the introduction of Christ.

It is honorable that belief is prevalent and that much good has been done in the Name of Christ. I, myself, have done some positive deeds in that Name before I found the similarities to ancient rites. It is simply acceptable to embrace the message of Christ consciousness in the effort to be better than before. The Perfect human is always a model "to follow" regardless how that model is presented to us all.

I may have veered to the side of "interested participant" in this degree of volitional exemplification of the Christ phenomenon. It is like water, a necessary drink of "truth", however it appears.

Water can resonate with the drinker to that end of health and well being just like any supply of nourishment. So, I am convinced.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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