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There are four YUGAS:



The one to consider is the present Kali Yuga, which has 427,000 years left (total of 432,000).

There is a 10,000 year Golden Age ending February 6898. This current Yuga began 3102 BCE. The video gives a brief description of the present Yuga.

Unfortunately, the Golden age will end, but humanity has developed scores of technological AND spiritual advances, with the last 300+ years moving fast.

How do you think humanity would feel and perceive this modern world in 1700? SHOCKED, to be sure. From horse and carriages, for centuries, to rockets that fly around the world? From using oil lamps to endless varieties of lighting. That's just the appetizer. Try explaining modern science, in all of its fields to a man who may, or may not, have any books about anything more than Newtonian knowledge?

And so on.

The questions here is what makes anyone think that it is "all over", or nothing new cannot be realized, when all of the best minds are currently working to revolutionize our world, even beyond our OWN PERSPECTIVES?

Here is Wikipedia:


Until one responds to the Calling
One remains a seed as yet to germinate
And florish. A seed is a potential forest, in due time. What shall one do to begin?

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