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Hi Tom

After my previous post about finding maturity – yeah, true: no treating anything like there is a time-limit anymore – I left my library and on the way home, stopped at the traffic lights and, knowing the sequence as I do, began walking across before I was supposed to. I was feeling quite good, having a frame of mind I thought I needed for opening up a certain dialogue with an Aboriginal friend of mine, and feeling sure that what I was about to undertake would be something quite deep and expansive…I had touched on certain things with our First Nation peoples at various times during my life, and had found out some wonderful things. It was time to do so again.

Anyway, there I was, walking across the road as the little green man came on, and a biker pulled to a stop right next to me, and as I passed in front of him, he called out: “Now, that’s what I call a walk of confidence. And I like it.”

It took me a few moments before I realized he was talking to me. A split second later I decided I had to respond in some way so as not to come off appearing snobbish or such. I turned as I continued walking, cocked my head to the side a little as I looked at his eyes, and said: “You take it easy there, Buddy,” while putting a hand forward with thumb and little finger stuck out to the sides, giving him a ‘way to go’ shake. He responded with a ‘Mmm,’ and a nod, and I turned and kept walking.

I haven’t had such an acknowledgement from a complete stranger in a long while – well, except for when I am doing or have done something on purpose - and it made me check myself and discover that I actually was walking tall…something I haven’t done in a long time either…I usually just amble along.

While my boat has always been afloat – except for when I need to be a submarine - it made me wonder about the side effects of things we do that unconsciously affects us in not just who we are but how we present ourselves. I certainly wasn’t chuffed with myself after that post and stepping off the stage as it took quite a bit out of me; I was chuffed that I believed I was in the right frame of mind for what I was about to involve myself in.

Being accepted by our peers and family and friends and colleagues and such because they are all part of our world is something we all like to keep afloat with all kinds of things we have to do and like to do – and sometimes don’t like doing at all but that’s how the world turns - but we are mainly doing that for someone else as well as ourselves.

What is it that we do wholly for ourselves that really floats our boat? Does inventing a new ‘thing’ do it? Does counting your blessings, do it? Or taking a leap of faith in uncharted waters, do it? Or is it more about the little things…like stopping for two minutes and listening to a busker before dropping some change in his guitar-case…or making funny faces at a can of peas I seem to drop too many times and seem to kick away from me for the crying child sitting in a shopping trolley while poor mum goes as fast as she can to get the night’s dinner ingredients together (these kinds of things are forgotten about right after they are done as they are a natural part of our world like breathing…if that is your make-up).

Or are there more private things we do that no-one knows about, such as secretly performing exercises for physical and mental health…walking around a secluded part of a forest naked…dancing along to music while cleaning the house. For me, I think just being alive and in the moment floats my boat but I’m not sure. It seems that there has to be a reason for everything, whether we are conscious of it or not, and oft times exactly what we do is not what we are striving for, like being an arse on the one hand to have a more aware frame of mind on the other hand.

So, purposeful things or side effects: do we aim for satisfaction based upon knowing what we are doing, what we might feel like afterwards, or is it all just ‘breathing’?


The ravages of war slowly give way to nature's wonders.

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