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Sufferance breeds higher consciousness as a gift. We are here to apply ourselves without selfishness of our own condition. We must push the envelope to become more. We can do such. My body is weak, but my Soul knows I must push myself because I am. There is no other result but to strive forward. You have a gifted mentality that others can partake from. We need you and you must give unto the OTHER. There is YOU and there is the OTHER. One can learn of coherency or LOVE because there is the OTHER. Think positive.

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Incomprehensible.... 606 Itatw70s 07-Jun-18 22:59
Re: Incomprehensible.... 97 Itatw70s 08-Jun-18 16:13
Re: Incomprehensible....Comprehensible through EFFORT. 86 Enigcom 11-Jun-18 16:35
Re: Incomprehensible....Comprehensible through EFFORT. 80 Itatw70s 11-Jun-18 17:54
What floats your boat? 218 drew 16-Jun-18 00:20

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