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I just reviewed my book, "In praise of doubt"-Berger/Zijderveld:

"Knowledge can foster unbelief, and ignorance can foster belief or faith".

"The middle ground of all this doubt-a basic uncertainty that isn't prepared to let itself be crushed by belief or unbelief, knowledge or ignorance".

"...The human condition consists of doubt that doubts itself. That does, of course, open a door to knowledge and belief, but it's a stammering kind of knowledge and belief, not the knowledge and belief of the true believers. It faces, as it were, knowledge and belief, but it knows ignorance and unbelief at its back".

There is much more to the book, perhaps too much to use for simplicity sake. The point is that doubt happens and the rest of a story is about gaining a confidence and composure of the facts, more or less.

For me, the living of life must be assessed and turned to an understanding of WHATEVER is possible to accumulate a standing of an ideal.

That is the dilemma of knowledge and ignorance, side by side.


Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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