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These 10 psychological reasearchs were done for many people (samples) and for some significant time periods. Some were children and most were studies done with the grown-up versions of those same children, years at a time. How else could the researchers have conclusive evidence of their discoveries? This is not a game! This is bonafide scientific work done by psychologists and other involved scientists in the field of mental health.

It is imperative that an honest self-valuation be accomplished so that one can more efficiently run the race of LIFE on life's terms. An athlete who knows his limitations will always endeavor to better his achievements for future races.

Honestly, these 10 traits are invaluable for estimating one's limitations. THERE IS NO SHAME IN AN ALL-INCLUSIVE EVALUATION OF ONESELF. It is the oldest practice in the entire world. Self-regulation coincides with self-examination.

I know more about myself than I did when I was sowing wild oats. It is socially responsible to endeavor to "know thyself", as the old adage of the Greeks knew quite well. Are we going to FAIL the past ancestors? I say NOT!! I will be true to the Ancient practice of self-examination.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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