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Hi Everyone!

Are you trying to sell an Ideal or Product & things aren't going as Planned? Are you leaving any meat on the bone so too speak? They push consumer products using this method. Ever wonder why they are always having some kind of sale? Suggested Retail Price the Actual worth of an item or price one would pay for such an item. So in truth or just salesman BS you may get an actual deal and then again they just make you think you are, by leaving some meat on the bone to get you to bit.

With Ideals that your not trying to protect but are for the common good of man, and you have it all worked out. This though good can be a turn-off as people tend to dislike know-it all's. So if you want your ideal to propagate then you may want to leave some meat on the bone, so they can share in what your trying to share, meaning you hold back some of the details in-between that can be deduced by others, allowing your ideal to pass on as was your goal, in humility for the betterment of all mankind.

If you are someone who has great ideals try being even Greater by not having to look like you know it all or incapable of error. Share your Eureka moments by leaving a little meat on the bone, you get your Ideal propagated as well as the Eureka moment, and allowing others to have a Eureka moment. If your the smartest person in the room don't always prove it let others shine in what capacity they can sometimes and let them share some of the spotlight. Knowledge is the root of all good and evil, ideals and technology are not inherently evil, but can used for such.

It wasn't the use of technology that brought down Atlantis it was the Abuse and Misuse of Technology, Ideals & People, I think that had more of an effect, Rightness is Right use of and treatment people technology and our time, so if your living as you were designed then your righteous, and if break the natural laws that were set-up and you can, then your a destroyer and an an enemy of the Nature, Man & God!!!!!!!

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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