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Hi Lowell

That's kind of nicely put, actually.

I wonder though...if we believe that our grand illumination began around the 1500 - 1600s and has continued to gain speed in evolving our ways of life - most certainly built atop the foundations of many thousands of years of experience, knowledge and scientific endeavours alongside religions and beliefs - then would that be the beginning of the thousand years after Satan and his motley crew were dealt with 1000 years beforehand? Or there-abouts beforehand?

Don't get me wrong here...but casting an historical glance back to the fifth/sixth century, there isn't a great deal that stands out but a very few folk whom might be considered instigators in having a new direction take place in humanity's landscape. Or is it that the fifteenth/sixteenth centuries were the time when Satan an his motley crew were cast asunder, and the past several centuries are part and parcel of the thousand years?

That would mean someone did in fact come along back then and do something that has changed the course of mankind's history that has allowed such wonder and pain to arrive at where we are now. A few hundred years left then...a very few hundred years left then...before, hmm, before Satan and his motley crew are found to have escaped their firey pit? we evolve our ability to head into space, could it be that we are the bad guys about to unleash ourselves across the Universe with our wicked ways?

Well, that's the potential for translating things, isn't it: we can discern for ourselves what something might be, or read up on what great scholars have said about such things over the past few thousand years. I wonder how many say the same thing? How many have a firm agreement on 'when and where'?

How many interpretations of 'scripture' there actually are...

Cheers mate for the food for thought.

if necessity is the mother of invention, why is there a monster under my bed?

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