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A rephrase:

1.Cognitive closure;
high, the short cut.
low, the long road.

2.Intellectual humility;
high, patient and thorough.
low, impatient and needy.

3.Need for cognition;
high, research, research.
low, decisive, heady.

4. A thourough need to think,
and a risky need to decide.

In this treatise, I will discuss, the very ancient Cosmos' relative motions and interactions within itself.

Here, the saying, "as above, so below; as below, so above" will apply directly and completely.

The Cosmos, in general, is billions of years old and has a purpose to evolve, then devolve, as it should, once it's purpose is achieved. This up and down pattern is central to the Universe, since it "contains...sustains"(a song by Steve Roach). The primary purpose in all of the galaxies, stars and planets is involved with the Universal purpose(s).

It is no mystery that in 1901 a book was published by the name, "Cosmic Consciousness"(Richard Maurice Bucke- available on Amazon), that implicated mankind as the heir of the Cosmic purpose, to breed and multiply the knowledge of consciousness for to see the the beauty and majesty of the Cosmic purpose. Today, there is only a "possibility" of other life in the Cosmos, but not yet proof. We are a stubborn people, reaching highs of contemplation, and lows of skepticism; our rights and constitutions of being aware and wary.

Never more, than now, do we have photographs of the multitude of galaxies in the Universe, as provided by Hubble, the eye upon the Cosmos. A new "James Web" space telescope is due to enter orbit in 2020, exceeding and maximizing all possible views of greater distances in the DEEP of space. With this, will our species and viewpoints be met by "planetary" models, that will be as near as possible to view, what may be habitable worlds within our galaxy?

The four principles outplayed at the start will be the guidance of human interest and ingenuity during the search for life on other worlds in their star systems. We already know that hospitable planets "may" exist, but the proof will be the "visual optimization" provided by the more powerful telescope.

I surmise that a "blue" or "green" color will give astronomers the proof of a living planet. Doubtfully, the "red" or "orange" colors will not be informative enough to catalog any life on a planet, unless it is merely bacterial. Even so, deep underwater life exists in our oceans near volcanic outlets, which are "red" or "orange" in color. All that really matters is the richness of minerals that conduce the appearance of life.

The questions of our "conscious" existence is the most paramount example of the purpose of the Cosmos. We were evolved into what we now know as a planetary civilization. This, alone, is "evidence" of other "possible" civilizations. But we want closure, a decision. We have constructed probes, telescopes and samples on Mars to determine the plausibility of life. We want answers to our questions. But it MAY be a case of infinite patience to discover the truth, whether we are "unique" or, much more likely, a garden variety of intelligent lifeforms, sharing a galaxy with others. We are susceptible to dismiss the notion of life elsewhere, given even a hint of "dead" planets in other star systems in the Milky Way.

Here, the most elaborate evolution of life, ourselves, should actually be the "evidence" of life elsewhere. We cannot possibly be a fluke or "accident". What the Cosmos is doing with all of these galaxies is nurturing life on similar planets on it's own terms. The Cosmos is evolving and humankind has at most a billion years to last as a species, if not also for the ultimate purpose of greater evolution named by Bucke as Cosmic Consciousness. The existential nature of the Cosmos is to have "intelligent awareness" of the GRAND DISPLAY of beingness in an evolving Universe.

We must have closure, the Universe must have closure. Our Sun has five billion years to exist and we are on it's time-schedule, unless we find other ways to live (see link) in the changing nature of our planetary system. As the Sun heats up, places like the giant gas planets may form into habitable places when their gases give way from the hotter Sun.


I hope that mankind is encouraged by what is seen in other star systems. I hope that hasty decisions will not delay our immigration to hospitable planets, here and elsewhere. This all depends upon hope for the future.


Mind and matter are eternally the same

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