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Here is a quote from the Greek philosopher Parmenides:

I will do the talking; and it's up to you to carry away my words once you have heard them.
What I will tell you is which roads of inquiry, and which roads alone, exist for thinking.
The one route, that IS, AND IS NOT POSSIBLE NOT TO BE, is the way of Persuasion; for Persuasion is Truth's attendant. And as for the other, that is NOT, AND IS NECESSARY NOT TO BE:
this, I can tell you, is a path from which no news returns. For there is no way you can recognize what is not--there is no traveling that path--or tell anything about it.

This is self-evident: to a dense bone oxygen may appear as nothing, yet to a diamond, a bone may appear as nothing. It is relative in either case.

The quote above is about the VERY DIFFERENT APPROACH TO EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE; that appearances are deceptive, like the magician's smoke in comparison to the so called proof of the rabbit in the hat. It is "Maya", delusion.

The nothing, like the Void of A. H. Almaas, is a differentiation of mind state. As his chapter, "Emptiness is Emptiness" says, "instead of the experience of Being without mental images, one ends up with a mental image for an identity".

So, NOTHING IS AN ABSTRACT CONCEPT, as much a conceptual reality as dust or water, just as, also, outer space is less void of material substance than we can yet verify. Oxygen is not available but materials of stone and some gases do exist in Space, thus, not nothingness.

In the mind aspect, nothingness is improper to living in this world. To "Void" oneself is to be as dead to this world, with NO CONTRIBUTION to the whole of humanity.

By the way, I would appreciate an elaboration on the Primal Wavefield you mentioned. I just would like a bit of substance to eschew from your perspective?

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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