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i was listening to a recent lecture and at one point you mentioned richard dawson saying how when we die we turn into nothing.
Who is this Richard Dawson? I googled the name and it came up with some pop musician?

i want to share if i may be so bold how i answer my athiest friends when they say that.i ask them to please consider this nothing they believe we become and this nowhere they say we are headed to. first you will notice that it is both infinite and eternal then in this material plane of oposites one can say that all that exists does so in its service and finally and most important to consciousness and life IT IS PERFECT ! it is so PERFECT that one can say without doubt that THERE IS NO NOTHING we can become THERE IS NO NOWHERE we can go all there is is all that will ever be that will ever mirror our creator.
This atheist asks you: if you think there is a creator, who created it?!
The best definition of an atheist is: one who totally lacks belief in any god, but in order to be scientifically correct, will allow for the vanishingly small possibility that one might turn up one day.


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