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Hello! This is my first post to this forum and apologize if this topic does not befit the category. However,
since reading "The Fingerprints of the God's" I have come across a local Native American myth that I thought I would share, because the themes and imagery used is very striking. Let me give a small background before I share this incredible myth and apologize if this myth has been posted before here at this forum.

I live in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised actually. I also use our public transit system. At the MAX train stop of NE 60th Avenue there is painted murals at the above platform and below which runs alongside I 84. On the bottom platform there are murals depicting the creation of the Willamette Valley, by the Green Man (there is also other myths of The Green Man of Portland and the Magical Stag). I can add the pictures that accompany this myth later. So here it goes:

One day the Coyote was taking a walk and came across Raven's at work, stoking the Foundry of the Earth. Carefully they stoked the furnaces where they forged shiny objects that they cherish. The Coyote being his curious self asked one of the Raven's if he could stoke the furnace, but once if at all. Reluctantly, a Raven gave in and let the Coyote stoke a furnace.
But the Coyote got carried away and began stoking the fire inside the forge faster and faster. Then the furnaces exploded. Lava began to flow into tubes and a Giant rose from the exploding volcanoes. This Giant scared all the animals away. This Giant had rose high into the air, but then fell dead shortly after.

The Coyote ran scared like the rest of the animals, but had found refuge within a chamber of one of the lava tubes.
Here the Coyote remained for years and years. Listening to the complaints of dead fossils. Then one day, long after the Giant of Smoke and Fire had died, the Green Man came. He walked upon lava that had cooled from a Bananna Slug slithering across it. The Green Man had seen the devastated land and began to shoot his Green Arrows which had begun to sprout trees. The Green Man then planted a White Oak and this oak grew directly over the Coyote. Its roots surrounded the Coyote and nourished him with its nectar.

Awhile passed and animals began to return to the Willamette Valley. Mother Raccoon and her twins began to live in the Oak. The Raccoon twins began to hear pleas coming from the tree roots to set it free. They went to Mother Raccoon and told her there was a voice coming from the ground, from the tree roots, pleading to free the coyote inside. So, goes the story that the Coyote emerges from the roots of the oak tree, but does not recognize the world that he sees. So, he goes back to the roots of the Oak until the land is visited once again by the Green Man and is quiet."

I have read and re read this myth from the MAX stop many times. The art work that accompanies this tale is actually worth uploading. I may have the bit of the last part wrong. The details are kinda schetchy, but the main themes are there. The Green Man of Portland or alternately, Green Men, are said to be small, green, men who are man and tree in appearance. He?They hunt the Celestial Stag that is said to still roam the streets of Downtown Portland. There are some statues and art installations around the city that does tell some of these tales. I can include pix of those at a later time.

Thank you for reading this post! I am excited to begin reading "The Magician's of the God's"!

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