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How does Creativity "enhance" itself? Is it a direct one dimension line of preferences toward an infinite goal? Is it a two dimensional arena of plausible outcomes for an intricate order? Or, did the three dimensional model provide the necessary means to progress toward a fullness as yet to be seen? Even the fourth dimension of time seems to proceed toward an ultimatum that only can occur with a business of "Reality", with all of its attributes aligned, along with all of its intensive collectivization. Order is necessarily aligned with entropy in a union of purpose that can only be realized at the conjunction of all currently held realities, in an effort to coincide with that ultimatum.

The primary order and the secondary entropy are the patterns of evolution in their paramount intentions of Becoming, through transformation toward the paradigm existence of completion. This is the subject of those processes of evolution. Evolution is the paramount paradigm, the Way of the traveller. To travel has yet to arrive, when the intricate parts are aligned together into a whole, at the last. Every incidence of evolution is progressive and permanent. Even if all life would end, there would be the parts, ready and able, through the entrance of evolution, again, to promote any and all subsistence for a new paradigm, whether that would be microbial or some such reappearance of a lifeform. This is repeatable. How? Why? The how is access to materiality; and The why is intention to evolve.

The insertion of entropy into the evolutionary formula allows the progenitorial effort to survive the meanest odds. Life is it's own answer: when and where? Here on Earth, as we know it today.

Dinosaurs passed away due to their inadequacy to adapt to harsh weather caused by impacting meteorites and the fallout that blocked out the sunlight. Cold weather eliminated their kind, so then the mammals eventually succeeded them.

If entropy were as a primary function of the universe, then there would not be any living thing on the planet. The remainder of the planetary structures would cease altogether: oceans dried up, mountains leveled and all manner of craters widely pockmarked upon the surface, just like the moon. We have escaped the seemingly limitless powers of destruction. What is seen, then, is the tenacious primacy of order prevailing upon this world and Nature at large. Entropy is secondary, as the necessary value for transformation, not as a dissemination of the wholeness into various parts, which would, alternatively, prevent any kind of an accumulation of select parts into the whole. Order, then, is the altruistic maintenance of the whole for, as yet, a purpose waiting to accommodate and inform it's wholeness in the grand scheme of things. What is the scheme that we already suspect in the scope of the intellect? We are witnessing a change in Nature that proceeds toward a goal not yet realized, but which portends itself upon our lives and minds.

Any progress is an evolutionary process, which speaks eloquently for the fact that so many lifeforms exist. True, some species had to die to make way for the successors, whom evolution is promoting in this day and age.

Transformation, in its essence, is the guiding principle that beckons all life to proceed toward wholeness. No living thing is exempted, except those that fall away from the evolutionary power of Transformation that is inherent in the successive species working out their own expression.

Thus, we humans are tending over a greater potential than we have ever known before. This is evolution: The creativity to enhance our stature In this world, and to let go of unfulfilling tendencies to entropy.

I realize that there are open-ended statements. Those are open to comments.

I was inspired by the chapter on Philosophy in the book, Varieties of Religious Experience, by Wm. James.

You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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