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The mind opens up to a vast realm of knowledge and wisdom accessible by all who are initiated and have the knowledge of who and what they truly are. This happens through REASON or Christos State of Being and Becoming. Deep within the recesses of each and every one of us is a piece of Godliness. We are his children physically and intellectually. We are able to access the power of our very presence. It requires deep introspection on the part of the person who wishes to truly know himself. One must reach for their HIGHER STATE. It is always with us and yet we just sit on our physical beness and look toward being dead. Our power is so real but not when we wallow in our own lowly state of deep animal dung. Sloth kills the Angel. We cannot see our wonder for the ilk of our own selfishness. Some of us bounce around aggrandizing ourselves with trappings and exaggerated expressions of silly illusions. Beauty hides the lair of the most evil illusion, but innocence is readily discernible as the most beautiful. It is a sickness held in the world of illusion/s that drags us all away from our task of becoming. What is the realness of existence? It hides within the mind/s eye and awaits for concentration of thought. Shame greets us while we are alone. It falls to us as we weep in sudden sadness through the realization that we can be more if only we would awaken to our mission in this realm of educational testing. Do we strive? Do we seek? Do we knock for the door to open? Few do. THE MESSAGES OF OUR LIVES ARE NEVER ENDING AND SO LOUD, WE CANNOT HEAR OUR OWN ESSENCE. The Lord is Our Shepherd here in this realm. He shows us the way, constantly.

Once there, one cannot believe how foolish we were before we discovered the secret to becoming. Seek and you will find. One must get familiar with their real being and becoming. Our minds must move in a gestalt fashion. We must train ourselves to know what is positive and negative or true and false. This requires deep introspection. It requires us leaving behind the Ignorance of Ignorance or Manly P. Hall's version called COMPLEX IGNORANCE. Clean up your soul and your life, and you will see the reality of your true essence. KNOW THY SELF!

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Mod Note > Duplicate Topic Merged 138 Dr. Troglodyte 10-May-18 00:10
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"Imagination is like the Sun, acting in that place to which its light is directed". 118 Itatw70s 27-Jun-18 00:15
Re: Very nice 103 drew 27-Jun-18 01:44
Re: Very nice 97 Itatw70s 27-Jun-18 03:00
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