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Hmm, interesting subject !

I googled Mozart and Euler, and this page comes up first, but looks like the issue was Gauss vs. Mozart.
But I think Euler vs. Mozart makes more sense because of the period they lived together, and the their traits too.

Euler : 1707 - 1783 Mozart : 1756 - 1791

In case of Gauss, it seems Beethoven more appropriate !

Gauss : 1777 - 1855 Beethoven : 1770 - 1827

Mozart and Beethoven are no doubt THE pillars of western music, though Bach should be there too.
Possibly the same thing with Euler and Gauss, though there could be more than one pillars might be necessary in the mathematical history.

In my mind Euler and Mozart were both the genius of instinct, par excellent, without any peer at all.
Like they had some direct line to God, and made a call when necessary and got the answer back.

Looks like it was different in case of Gauss and Beethoven. They struggled, to get the answer, which
changed the course of human mind afterwards.

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