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The two comets coming our way in May I believe to be the same comet that was hit by a Sun Flare in February 18th 2003. Big cover ups don't come bigger than this. Comet Neat is twice the size of Jupiter. How will this effect our planet when it comes close? What trajectory is the small piece on? Why was this story suppressed? Any clues?

Comet Neat

Page Begun February 18, 2003 09:15 EST

A massive solar flare has been up now for approximatly 12 hours non-stop!. This is being seen in abnormal heat conditions in some places as well as the sun being reported as 'brighter than usual'. If you take this information with what has been uncovered of the SOHO photo's being tampered with, then the conclusion becomes very obvious!. The comet has SPLIT when it was hit by the large solar flare at its passing...half the comet has passed away from the sun (orbit now unkown and erratic since size has changed), while the other has been sucked into the sun causing the massive solar erruption and combustion that we are still seeing till this minute!

MASSIVE SOLAR ERUPTIONS have accompanied the close solar flyby of the comet NEAT Tuesday. One coronal mass ejection plume at 05:00 hours 18 Feb. --Tuesday morning, extended at least 5 million miles from the surface of the sun toward the comet, Other coronal discharges were observed extending in excess of 12 million miles.

In the early hours of Thursday morning around 6:30am the comet discussion board inexplicably went offline about thirty minutes after participants discovered that NASA had been faking webimages of the comet's passage past the sun on the morning of the 18th February.

Spectacular images of the recently found NEAT comet show the cosmic voyager more than twice the size of planet Jupiter may have been struck by a massive solar eruption.

Images from the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite, which sits partway between Earth and the Sun and is designed primarily to monitor space weather, have on Tuesday morning shown a massive solar plume extending over a 5 million miles above the sun -seemingly towards the comet. But though the photography is time-lapsed, there are 7 hourly photographs missing from the data released by the SOHO project -meaning it is impossible to determine if the plume later extended to strike the comet.

A coronal mass ejection (CME), already appears to have hit the comet Monday, according to SOHO deputy project director Paul Brekke. The SOHO imaging shows sunlight reflecting off gas and dust from the comet's nucleus and hydrogen solar wind from the sun. The comet has been in LASCO's imaging domain since Sunday. It will begin to move out of the field of view around 5 a.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 20.


The comet was faintly visible in the evening sky last week for viewers with dark sky conditions. It has been in LASCO's field of view since Sunday. It will begin to drop out of the picture, in the lower right, at about 4 or 5 a.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 20.

NEAT will then begin a long journey back out into the fringes of the solar system. While Earth orbits the Sun every year, comet NEAT requires about 37,000 years to make a single, elongated loop.

Live and archived pictures and animations of NEAT, taken by the LASCO-3 imager, are available on the SOHO


So if Comet Neat is on its long journey back into the fringes of the Solar system, Why's it coming our way?


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