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>But why take the test images with the colour calibration markers if the
>ones taken during the mission will not show the same colours?

So that you have an element of comparision.

>I don't think there's a conspiracy or cover up, I just want to know why
>NASA appears to fiddle with its images so much. SO much so that blue

Well, perhaps there just wasn't a picture taken on a wavelength anything close to blue... it's not like they get a perfectly good RGB picture and dispose of the blue ;)

I think the biggest conspiracy I'd consider on that one (not that that's what I think is going on) is that years ago, they could have made a mistake, honnest or not, and that nobody ever took upon himself to say "okay, we were wrong", for a mix of reasons. First because in the end it's not that important, and perhaps second because people like Hoaxland would be all like "I told you so, and that's proof that we're right on the rest too".

Seriously tho, the "vacation mission" idea may seem far fetched but why not... a rover mission is a few hundred millions of dollars, and for that cost you get a blockbuster movie nowadays. A movie is entertainment, and this is what such a mission would be at its core, and it would be for those who get turned on more by a high framerate/high resolution flight through mars in surround sound than by the day to day spectroscopic analysis of martian soil. Scientifically it doesn't even compare, but the sad truth is that most people don't actually care about science, they care about the fruits of science. I say sad, because I think it'd be terrific if everybody knew enough to get excited over soil analysis, but since it's not the case, we shouldn't be elitist and reserve space to science and scientists. It's a playground out there, too.

Well, not yet, but give me a space elevator and i'll make it happen :D


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