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Hello Everyone,

This may or may not be of interest or new news to some of you here. But I've been researching this for about 4 years now and find this very fascinating.

I was very surprised when the DIscovery Channel aired a program years ago about what scientists think really caused the great fires of 1871.

Few people in Americas remember the night of October, 8, 1871. That was the night when "globes of fire" descended on the Midwest (The Great Chicago Fire), killing thousands of people and destroying millions of dollars worth of property.

Today, it is popular to blame Mrs. O'Leary's cow for kicking over the lantern and setting fire to Chicago.

But the truth is much more bizarre.

Chicago, Illinois was completely burned - 17,500 buildings were destroyed; 100,000 left homeless; $200,000,000. in damages and 500 killed. But that same night "great balls of fire" descended on Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

In Marinette and Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1,500 people died by fire, as the entire country-side was consumed by afiery hurricane. Eye witness accounts tell of people running and screaming and leaping into the nearby river. Most had no time to ecape.

In Menekanne, Wisconsin, 74 of 78 inhabitants perished.

Pestigo, 350 homes, 15 factories and hotels were wiped out and of the 2,000 inhabitants, 1,000 perished.

In Sugar Bush, 260 people died.

The whole Thumb area of Michigan burned, and the coastal area of Lake Michigan from Ludington to Holland, Michigan completely burned also.

All of these events happened on the same night around the same time.

It's true. I've researched the old news articles.

Unfortunately, a long drought had afflicted the Midwest that year. So, when the globes of firedescended, the people were defenseless.

Scientists are still puzzled by these events. One theory is that a meteor or comet broke apart near Earth sending these fiery pieces to the Midwest. Not too long ago, an actual meteorite was found on the shores of Lake Huron, near Port Huron in the Thumb.

The theory is that this large meteorite hit on the coast of Lake Huron, broke apart and sent many trajectories in a fanned-out direction over Michigan and ending in Wisconsin, Indianan, Iowa, etc. , and setting all these places on fire.

Could this happen again? Scary thought.

Does anyone else have more information about these events? And why isn't this publicized more?


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