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Two fingers...hmmm...that stood for Victory! in Churchill's days... no I think that the right finger is somewhat disabled (landing impact?) and that it is the left finger that is saying something ...

In what culture do two fingers stand for "Up yours"? I am not familiar with this one... .. But it is onomatopoetic, in a way. Figurative,

ATB, nejc

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A cool one from Hoagland's 494 Nejc 19-Feb-04 21:30
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Re: Two fingers 131 Nejc 20-Feb-04 16:10
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try this one instead... 185 Mercury Rapids 20-Feb-04 16:33
So I see 128 Nejc 20-Feb-04 16:42
Re: So I see 147 Richard Fusniak 20-Feb-04 19:55
Defiintely ... lol 142 Nejc 21-Feb-04 00:40
Re: Two fingers 212 ArmchairObserver 20-Feb-04 16:46
Yes..Twice..n/t 164 Nejc 20-Feb-04 17:04
No no no, folks.... 159 Saorsa 23-Feb-04 16:10
Re: A cool one from Hoagland's 329 Kevin Kanada 23-Feb-04 18:10

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