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”What do the digits of pi, colliding blocks and quantum search algorithms have in common? More than you might expect. Two playful papers…provide the links between them. Together, they connect the worlds of dynamics, geometry and quantum computation, highlighting how even the most abstract math puzzles can have surprising physical relevance…

The fact that pi shows up when we count the collisions is mirrored in the runtime of Grover’s algorithm: π/4 square root of N steps. The square root in that expression also reflects how further digits of pi (in base 10) come from multiplying the mass of the big block by 100…

These connections highlight the power of a universal mathematical language. Using vectors to encode the state of a physical system works just as well with macroscale block collisions as it does with microscale quantum states. Many fundamental ideas in math, which may at first seem frustratingly removed from reality, prove to be powerful tools because dropping the physical details from one field can reveal otherwise hidden connections to another.”

Source: How Pi Connects Colliding Blocks to a Quantum Search Algorithm, by Grant Sanderson, for NAUTILUS | QUANTA ABSTRACTIONS

Dr. Troglodyte

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?“ - Decimus Junius Juvenalis

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