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Original Image Credit: Mehau Kulyk Getty Images

”Over the past few weeks, the race for quantum computational supremacy has reached a breakneck pace. Google’s quantum computer performed an operation that its scientists claim would take a classical computer 10,000 years in just 200 seconds. IBM researchers, who are also working on a quantum computer, have expressed doubts, suggesting a classical computer could solve that problem in under three days.

Pan and Lu argue in their paper that their technique is another possible route toward quantum supremacy…”

The experimental Chinese model utilizes a variation on the classical Galton Board (aka ’bean machine’), substituting the ‘balls and pegs’ of the quincunx style device with photons as balls, and mirrors/prisms for the pegs via “Boson sampling”. The “sampling” ”can predict the results…the technique is both the computational problem and the quantum computer that can solve it”.

The solution is complex, and timing is critical: ”…the team needed to produce single photons separately and simultaneously. “Photons aren’t going to wait for each other, so you need to generate every photon at the same time,” says Alexandra Moylett…”

The sprint toward quantum computational supremacy has begun in earnest: ”Quantum supremacy is like a horse race where you don’t know how fast your horse is, you don’t know how fast anybody else’s horse is, and some of the horses are goats…”

Source: Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record

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