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Dr.T I found an article about the "Anomaly". It seems that McAlester Ammunition Base near McAlester, OK is the source of the seismic pulses. They destroy out dated munitions on a daily bases, except Sunday. I found the base on Google Earth and on that base is what appears to be an area where they carry out the munitions disposal. Seismologist just aren't sure why the seismic waves are traveling so far and the form they are taking. I set up a seismic recording station here central Michigan in 2008. It took me a while to figure out what I was seeing on the computer screen as far as all the squiggly lines. One of the first things I saw was everyday in the summer months from about 7 am until about 8 pm there was this very energetic seismic activity and I tried researching the source and it wasn't until I found a school in northern Michigan that was recording the same thing only it was much stronger. Then the light came on, with in a few miles of the school is the Michigan National Guard camp. It was there daily weapons practice I was seeing, it would vary from day to day depending on the size of the munitions they were using. Being that the camp was about one hundred miles from my station I was recording the seismic activity at maybe 1-2 mag but that wave form looked similar to the "Anomaly" only not every 20 seconds. The reason the "Anomaly" was every 20 is they were setting off several explosions in sequence. Atleast this is the thinking.

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