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Hi Ray - thanks for your input on this issue. My premise was garbage in, garbage out. How many of the drugs going into clinical trials these days are based on an articulable model, a good understanding, of what is causing the problem being addressed? How many products being rolled out that could potentially impact mass numbers of people have been objectively studied to ensure they don't have negative health consequences? Also, as you state, very few truly new drugs are being brought to market these days. May I suggest it is because the problem has not been adequately understood and defined? The system doesn't seem to be working very well in my opinion. I agree with you that clinical trials are a good way of vetting new medications before they are brought to market in order to protect the public from potential harm and scams. On the other hand, I can tell you that one of the main medications I use to treat my chronic migraine syndrome is not recognized as a migraine med. I discovered it on my own based on logic and my symptoms.

Part of the problem is that at the clinical level the data needed to define and solve the problem isn't being gathered. All of it has to do with statistical medicine. Often the answer lies in the exception, not the rule. I could go on and on about the dysfunction I have noticed. Hey, how's that new generation migraine med doing these days, the one we heard might be close to a cure? Bonk. What causes migraine, really, on a cellular level? Hell they still don't know. We're not hearing much about that because the patient pools haven't been adequately studied and too many clinical doctors just don't listen well or don't take a research approach. We are also hearing a lot about stem cells and PRP these days as wonder cures. Same with so many other diseases. I think they need to go through rigorous clinical trials. But if that process doesn't work, or just too slow, I don't see why the private market shouldn't be given a chance to test it out. That's how the native Indians did it.

And then there's LED lighting. I have a whole topic under the Gunpowder section on that scam. The give me an instant migraine, but nowhere in the scientific literature has it been studied and published. Wiki is just a shill of industry spin. I could go on and on, but I won't. I don't claim to have the answers, just a lot of questions based on what I have experienced.

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