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The ultimate dysfunction is where say a drug company spends billions of dollars researching a new drug they mistakenly think will cure XYZ, a chronic disease, only to find out that it was all an egg-headed delusion by some corporate executive or compromised professor. The company can't eat the loss because that would be an earnings miss, so what does it do? Promote the new product! Spin the clinical trial results, play with the statistics, and write lots of papers on the work citing friendly sources. Go on lecuture tours to generate a buzz. Upload all the nonsense to Wikipedia where you know all the naysayers will have to cite their sources too or be deleted. All they have is a suspicion and a regular job, but you have the cooked results. Finally, hire a sales force and webmaster to promote the dud. Same scenario for harmful products. And so the cycle goes where failure, mediocrity if not outright corruption are rewarded, and the truth never sees the light of day. By the time it becomes obvious the drug doesn't work, or the product is harmful, the victim is either too messed up to complain or the company has a new scam to promote as a better cure. People wonder why common diseases take so long to cure. Well how about garbage in, garbage out?

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