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Scientists in Spain and the United States have discovered a previously unknown and unpredicted property of light, self-torque, possessing ”orbital angular momentum (OAM)”.

”Self-torque is an inherent property of light, distinguished from the mechanical torque exerted on matter by static-OAM beams. Extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) self-torqued beams naturally arise when the extreme nonlinear process of high harmonic generation (HHG) is driven by two ultrafast laser pulses with different OAM and time delayed with respect to each other. HHG imprints a time-varying OAM along the EUV pulses, where all subsequent OAM components are physically present…” – Science: Generation of extreme-ultraviolet beams with time-varying orbital angular momentum

”The experiments involved firing two lasers at a cloud of argon gas…The result was a type of vortex beam. The researchers then wondered what would happen if the lasers had different orbital angular momentum and if they were slightly out of sync. This resulted in a beam that looked like a corkscrew with a gradually changing twist…when the beam struck a flat surface, it looked like a crescent moon. The researchers noted that looked at another way, a single photon at the front of the beam was orbiting around its center more slowly than a photon at the back of the beam…

The researchers suggest that it should be possible to use their technique to modulate the orbital angular momentum of light in ways very similar to modulating frequencies in communications equipment. This could lead to the development of novel devices that make use of manipulating extremely tiny materials.”
– PhysOrg: New property of light discovered

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