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Related to the magnetic poles shift article, but different.

Not only are the magnetic poles drifting faster, but the weakening of the magnetic field is accelerating. It is now weakening at a rate of 5% per decade! Most articles on the topic seem to think a geomagnetic reversal will just impact our technology, and has no affect on biological species. But this article: Oxygen escape from the Earth during geomagnetic reversals: Implications to mass extinction indicates otherwise.

Basically, when the Earth's magnetic field effectively collapses, the rate of oxygen bleeding from the atmosphere drastically accelerates. As most species are dependent upon oxygen, the result is mass extinctions of many species.

The article linked examines only one cause of the loss of oxygen from the atmosphere due to the weakening of the magnetic field. There is also another cause. It goes like this.
1. Weakening field permits an ever increasing rate of proton bombardment.
2. Kinetic energy from the increasing proton bombardment leads to heating of the oceans (hey, global warming!)
3. Rising ocean temperatures permit the methane hydrates to increasingly out-gas methane (methane is a green house gas, hey, global warming!)
4. Methane bonds with oxygen producing carbon dioxide and water vapor thusly CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 + 2H2O (water vapor and carbon dioxide are both green house gases, hey, global warming!)

So, the weakening magnetic fields both (a) destroys free oxygen and (b) increases green house gases and (c) increases the rate of oxygen leaking out of the atmosphere. Thus, global extinction event.

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