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”UK-based backyard astrophotographer Szabolcs Nagy captured a series of images of the International Space Station transiting the moon…”

Source: Incredible video of space station flying in front of the moon

Dr. Troglodyte

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ISS Lunar Transit 769 Dr. Troglodyte 13-Feb-19 16:26
Re: ISS Lunar Transit 105 D-Archer 14-Feb-19 11:00
Re: ISS Lunar Transit 98 ldennyjr 14-Feb-19 19:02
Re: ISS Lunar Transit 87 Race Jackson 14-Feb-19 23:58
Mothman transit 72 ianw16 25-Feb-19 22:30
Re: Mothman transit 101 D-Archer 26-Feb-19 10:43

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