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Hi Everyone,

The Exact method would have to be worked out this is just a base model. We need to produce a ship that's outer shell not only can conduct heat but electromagnetic fields as well or preferably a negatively charged field. This outer shell could be made with a composite method of internal channels for flow of a high temperature electromagnetically charged liquid, or plasma. The ideal is that we want a continuous flow from the front along the ship back into the ship and back out all temperature and field driven.

I believe its possible to have the charge inside the ship be positive, where you draw off energy to run the ship. The flow now depleted some re-enters as a negatively charged field because of the energy difference. With this flowing field from to back shields the occupant's from the magnetic field outside, so that no matter how fast they travel there will be no added Inertia effect on the passengers, while the positive field inside keeps it and the passengers stable. This field also flowing the way it dose helps propel the craft forward and power the ship at the same time, with no inertia effect, I propose.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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