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Hi Everyone!

I am Prosing & Predicting that there is an area of reduced magnetic field strength in a doughnut shaped zone around black holes due to their structure. I Propose & Predict that the matter in this doughnut shaped zone around black holes is dominated by the magnetic fields of the Matter outside this doughnut shaped zone, more than the black hole which interacts with the fields in the matter outside the doughnut, and all matter that's outside the doughnut to the edge of the Galaxy are all dominated by the central black hole, causing the outer edge to move as fast as the inner up to the edge of the reduced magnetic field doughnut shaped zone around Black Holes. I predict that the matter in this reduced magnetic field strength doughnut shaped zone can move at differing speeds depending on, if the black hole is feeding and the material in and around the doughnut, but generally will lag behind the speed of the rest of the galaxy outside the doughnut.

The first field line's from a black hole extend from its center perimeter in a loop and is the outer edge of the Doughnut shaped zone, and others extend out to the edge of the Galaxy. Other black holes throughout the galaxy do help keep this order and structure of the magnetic globe of which we exist on the center plane of this magnetic Globe that's dominated by its central black hole. This could be thought of as a doughnut shaped bubble.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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