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Hi Everyone!

I'm commenting in regards to this article, Link: [] Ok as I have previously proposed bubbles being shields, I propose we can look at the topological quantum fields like Velcro. Velcro as well as objects connect to each other at the surface for the most part through the quantum topological fields intertwining like Velcro.

Bubbles on a surface act as a shield and prevent the materials from connecting through the quantum topological fields & only gravity & charge of the mass's beyond the topological field are in play then. Like Velcro when one side has only spaced out connection points it no longer works, and bubbles create the same effect island connecting points that reduce the surface area's connecting force.

In Conclusion, Hydrophobic materials reduce the surface area of the quantum field denying connection through surface quantum field connections, shielding the material through the use of surface bubbles or inverted charge, I propose.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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