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Hi Everyone!

I'm proposing a new theory for the Casimir Effect. Energy takes the path of least resistance and as such when the plates are brought together close enough that the field of each plate merge or come close enough that the energy now flows around the plates. The space between the plates now is its own quantum environment with its own quantum microenvironment. The flow of energy around this new quantum environment causes it to become negatively charged compared to the flow around the plates.

A vacuum is now created around this quantum environment and the flow wants to draw energy but energy flow in is blocked for the most part other than residual particles that make it through randomly. Just as if you take a container with a hole on each side in a wind tunnel you will collapse the container from the flow of air or energy that creates a vacuum pulling the container in on itself from the inside out, just like the plates that are drawn together from energy flow, the plates only part of the picture its the fields that create the quantum micro atmosphere.

Best Regards & Shalom to everyone!

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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