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Hi Everyone!

Firstly I would like to deal with the contamination issue. If we decide to take life to another planet it should be contained as much as possible to prevent cross contamination of any sort.

Ok so in any case No contamination of other bodies or confined life as to prevent cross contamination. The Moon I think is a place we would use to grow food and raise animals, not only to have better fresh foods for our astronauts and explorers, but also to make it more profitable & affordable to go to space. Every pound of food coat a lot to send to space, If we can grow food and raise turkeys for instance to make methane for fuel, Fertilizer for the Crops, and as compost for the crops, its a circular cycle that support each other and Growth & Advancement.

Saving money on every pound of food and providing more affordable and better tasting food makes space travel more likely for more people and provide food for other human missions to mars and beyond and will boost moral.

It also is a more sustainable model and can provide food for the Space Tourism Industry, which will want Good food in space and cheaper and better is win/win situation.

So in conclusion, We can use the moon the closest and if any the one with the chance of cross contamination all ready from impacts being high to most likely in my opinion. This can support Space Tourism & missions to mars on the moon and beyond and that's a lot of food that would have to be launched into space and inferior food in my opinion as well. It should not take long or much for the world leaders to come to Conclusion and Agree to Test farming animals and plants on the Moon only Until research is carried out and as a space exploring planet we have grown to a point we can make the right choice to go further or stop on the moon, in either case its a Win/Win!!!!!!!

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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