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Hi Everyone!

Instead of mining asteroids in space we could & should mine them on the Moon. I propose that we turn the asteroid into a ship. If we can make fuel from other asteroids or other closer planets or moons then we should make the fuel near the asteroids we wish to mine or as close as we can. Turn the asteroid into a ship with attached rocket then use an explosion to direct the asteroid to the moon. The rocket packs and attached Para shoot or other method if it works better.

Once we get the asteroid on the moon it will be a lot easier to mine it with the base and mining operations that should already be setup. Go Directly to the moon and set up a base that's protected from radiation allowing for long stays without the radiation exposure with low gravity but some gravity is better than none and all the space you want.

Once mined maybe other processing or even advanced manufacturing techniques and products could be used due to the Low Gravity. Now is the Time for Quantum Physics Domination and the ability to create and test in low gravity with all the space you want to build, protected from radiation and with robots is the way to go, and not keeping another space station with no gravity, small expensive to make and maintain a station in orbit, so it's is a waste, that's more of a tourism ideal for those who can not afford to stay on the Moon or Mars.

Best Regards to all & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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Mining Asteroids on the Moon 1337 Lowelldw64 05-Nov-18 06:33

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