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You know

This guy has no problem squaring pi and to the 6th.

You don't have to go that far pi squared = 9.869604401 and squared = 97.40909103.

1st What is the diameter of the Sarsen circle 97.4 feet imperial / 2.75 = 35.42 the number I M Pei gave for his length of the glass pyramid at the lourve in metres and a lunar year.

and 97.4 imperial feet 1168.8 inches the diameter of the Sarsen circle see Petrie 1167.9 plus or minus 0.7 inch.

2nd 97.40909103 is the circuit of the side wall in the Kings chamber but it is the measure in Indus feet 97.40909103 Indus 13.2 inches = 1285.800002 inches / 12 = 107.1500001 imperial feet

The circuit of the wall of the Kings chamber hgt 19.2 feet plus length 34.375 feet x 2 = 107.15 imperial feet.



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